Hacking It: Whats more important,links or good quality content ?

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The successful way to get links pointing to your site is to create original content. Obviously, with so much competion this is alot more difficult than it sounds,your aiming for other webmasters who visit your website to see that the content is good & then add your link to there
site to provide their visitors with some useful links & a point of referance to there article or content. There are many approaches and techniques required when optimizing your site or blog for a high ranking in your chosen search engine. Content is what brings the readers back, & also gets inbound links, over time this will increase the presence of the site. The site should be optimized for your chosen keywords.

Link exchanges are an essential part of search engine optimization.The more thought you put into your title and description, the more powerful your link exchange will be. When the link is in the body of the content it shows that this link is relevant to the content, and the visitor is being recommended that they visit the website which is attached to the link. Reciprocal link exchange is still a very popular practice among webmasters. Since everyone knows by now that you need many quality links, many SEO webmasters try to think up new ways of getting these all important links.

There are many websites that still don’t understand the importance of getting a listing in a web directory, as the majority of them are still lacking the information as to how these web directories can help them build a strong structure.

There are many benefits associated with the submission of your website to web directories. First one being a traffic issue. By submitting to web directories, you are inviting quality web traffic to your site which is by far the most economical way to get traffic to your site.

The major search engines are constantly hunting down new websites using spiders and robots which would dig inside a popular web directory on a daily basis to get new links and update the content for that directory. As you can now appreciate, web directories is a great and affordable way to promote and market your site.

All the popular web directories are well structured in groups and categories depending upon the content . This also helps in optimizing the search process as well.

Getting your website listed in a directory will also improve your link popularity. You can Google the internet to find good relevant articles explaining what backlinks are and how they work. In addition to directory marketing there are other ways to build your sites link popularity like forum posting, blog posting, article submissions, reciprocal link exchanges & so on

It is no secret that a online business needs a constant flow of visitors to their site to stay in business. often webmasters are`nt very clear about the importance of submitting the site to the web directories. The majority of web directories are indexed, which means that your site link would show up in the searches very shortly after it has been submitted ?

Web directories provide referral traffic to your site and many webmasters around the world use these directories to attract traffic to their sites as many directories offer free submission. Many directories also offer paid submissions with a featured link but today we`ll just concentrate on free links as all this takes is time.

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