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Pentagon security

Hackers have managed to infiltrate the firmware inside the Pentagon & get away with an undisclosed number of terabytes worth of sensitive data. It's not quite clear who was behind the attack- US government & publications like the Wall Street Journal have already begun pointing fingers towards the Chinese. but representatives of china have rejected the accusations & say that there government havent ordered any such attacks.

The Chinese Embassy said in a statement that China “opposes & forbids all forms of cyber crimes.” It has called the Pentagon report “a product of the Cold War mentality” & has added that the allegations of cyber espionage are “intentionally fabricated to fan up the China threat ” the Wall Street Journal reports.

According to US officials, the data stolen was all related to the F-35 joint strike fighter plane, which is the most costly project the Pentagon has ever been involved in. However, the spokesman also shared that the hackers didn't manage to steal the most sensitive data about the plane, which was thought to be their objective. That information is stored on non-networked computers & the location of these machines is classified.

The hackers apparently used some vulnerabilities they encountered on the websites of some contractors that were helping with the construction of the $300-billion project. They employed a tool that encrypt`s data as it was being stolen, so officials wouldn't immediately realize what was being taken. They do know what's still there, as in the diagrams & the codes for the navigation system & sensors, which are separately stored.

This is the 2nd successful attack on the Pentagon in weeks- & it would seem that the people in charge of the institution's defenses are not very good at their job. If every attack on its firmware succeeds, then something is clearly going wrong.Maybe they would be better off employing chinese hackers to secure their networks !

French hacker claims Twitter hacks

AKA- 'Hacker Croll' the hacker, posted a number of screenshots to prove that he had indeed gained access to the site's administrator controls by hacking into the account of Twitter's director of product management.

While Twitter did not verify the specific claims made by Hacker Croll, they did admit to there being a breach.

Twitter founder Biz Stone said that no information had been changed although personal details for at least 10 profiles had been viewed by the hacker. The compromised accounts were said to include those of Ashton Kutcher -& Lily Allen.

"Our initial security reviews and investigations indicate that no account information was altered or removed in any way. However, we discovered that 10 accounts were viewed during the unauthorised access," Stone wrote.

"We have contacted the Twitter users whose accounts were compromised through this unauthorised access."

The breach is the latest in a growing list of security problems for Twitter. Recently the site has been attacked by spammers as well as a high-profile exploit launched from a rival site`s developer.


Swedish hacker indicted in cisco attacks

Swedish hacker-aka 'Stakkato', is accused of breaking into Cisco's servers between 12 & 13 May 04, & stealing the source code for there Internetwork Operating System (IOS). He was 16 at the time .

Pe****sson "allegedly" posted 2.5MB of the 800MB of IOS code on an IRC channel to prove that he had completed the hack, according to reports. It`s not known whether he used the software to find vulnerabilities in Cisco's products or not.

Cisco reported that it didn`t believe that customer information, partners information or financial systems were affected - according to the indictment.

Pettersson is also charged with breaking into Nasa servers in May 2004, in particular the Ames Research Center. It is`nt known whether anything was stolen in the attack.

Two years ago Pettersson ran into trouble with the Swedish authorities & was fined $25,000 for breaking into the networks of 3l universities.

He is unlikely to be troubled by the current indictments as Sweden doesn`t allow extradition of its citizens. The US Department of Justice has said that it will try to work with the Swedish authorities .


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