Find an msn messengers contact IP address
One of the ways to do that is to send to the contact a file while he is online, send him/her a photo or something else, doing that a peer-to-peer connection opens while your friend gets the file/photo no matter what it is, make sure that you have a DOS Prompt open (located at:start > programs > MS-DOS Prompt) and type the command: netstat while sending them the file and you will see a list in the DOS Prompt of all the connections your computer has that time, one of them must be your friend that is receiving the file.If i hear about an other easier way that you get it without sending files be sure i will post it here.

Find an IP though mIRC chat channels
There is the /dns nickname command in irc but some people use proxies or shells and you cant see their real address,how do you know if the user uses a web-shell or a proxy? well... guess that yourself while looking the ip you got from the /dns nickname command, there are alots of add on scripts for mIRC clients, IRC chat is a very famous place for teens and adults to chat, many servers are crowded so its always a good source of possible infected IPs, such an addon as an advanced mIRC ip/scanner will scan users while they join/leave a channel or even scan whole channels at once. There should be able to find such addons for mIRC client in our mIRC section.

Get your friends IP address by sending them to your page
Build a simple site in geocities or anywhere else , then go to google and search for a site which provides free statistics and create an account, add their code to your site and tell your friend to check out a cool page you just made, when he visits the page his IP will be logged in your statistics so after your friend visits your page check out your stats and you will find the last page-visitors in a page in your stats.


Michael said...

I like this ip spyfu. I check all my contacts with and its really fascinating...

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