Hacking It: Ftp transfers
FTP transfers.

When using an FTP client program to download files, assure yourself, that it's giving a bogus password, like , not your real one. If your browser lets you, turn off the feature that sends your e-mail address as a password for anonymous FTP sessions.

Emailers and remailers.
Do a search and find anonymous mail services.

With this way you wont give your real email. Although be afraid that there is a risk for your ip to be
recorded in email headers. So, you could use a remailers.

* Chain - (is a menu-driven remailer-chaining script)
* Raph Levien's remailer availability page - (offerscomprehensive information about the subject)
* The Cypherpunks Remailers - (developed to provide a secure means of
providing anonymity on the nets. Here you can find out
about the available remailers, those which have been standard in
existance for a long time as well as the new experimental
remailers and anonymous servers)


1. Or you can use proxies or socks4 or socks5. that way your ip will be hidden behind the proxy.
2. you can connect on a BNC, which 'll hide your ip again.
3. If you are connected on undernet, you can create a username on @x ( ) join #cservice for help. When you create one, type /msg login username password.
Then /mode urnickname +x .This 'll hide your ip & your host.


you must have a firewall, so your PC will be protected against attacks, trojans etc. Firewalls are listen on ports for incoming and outgoing requests (depending on the firewall you use) blocks any attacks and gives you a report.
NOTE: Even if u have a firewall, there is a possibilityyou could still be hacked.
Black Ice Defender -
Zonealarm -

A good place to find all kinds of proxies, socks4 and socks5 is
ftp sites

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