Hacking It
What is a hacker

A hacker, a person who posseses a superior knowledge of anything that has to do with computers and the internet, a hacker has the ability to munipulate everything that he knows, meaning he can create, destroy, take apart, and put things back together. you can find hackers all over the place in the computer world, they make up about 95% of the high tech industry there the one's that get hired for computer, network, security, and internet realated jobs, still intrested? if so keep reading, if not get the fuck out of my site!

What do i need?
Well first of all you'll need to have the will to learn, are you willing to donate most of your life to computers and learn as much as possible?... well then good, here are some good outlines for you to follow. first of all you'll need to learn what a computer and the internet is, a computer is a revolutional machine that change the course of history, it has a massive calculating power, that enables it to run multiple application and taskes at once, a computer has many parts to it and they are the prossesor, Hard drive, RAM, Mother board, Video and sound card, network card, disk drive, and modem. the internet, what is the internet? the internet is the largest network in the world, the network is made up of all the computers, and servers in the world, with the help of ISP's they connect all of them together.

What will I need to learn?
That depends in what direction you want to go in, you could be a programmer, webdesigner, webmaster, graphics artist, computer engineer, and the list goes on, for instance if you want to be a programmer you need to learn C languages like perl, C++, PHP, python and all the other important one's, if you want to be a webdesigner you should learn html, java, and flash, you get the idea.

How do i learn?
well reading and self teaching will be the best way for you, or you could buy courses or go to university . anyway i suggest going to places like chapters or any other book store and buying books on your interests, also going to places like future shop, and buying the software you'll need like compliers, OS's, or whatever it is you need.

Although hackers have a bad name most are law a bidding hard working people with a need to know how things work & don`t work & are more than happy to share what they no with others.This is why joining a good forum can be your greatest tool of all to find what your looking for,whether its learning computer languages or reverse engineering,the bank of information that is available cant be replicated anywhere else.Everything can be easily learnt with the right help & here`s a list of some of the best that i`ve found while surfing the net.


Tip 1: Hackers cover their tracks. Experienced hackers cover them more thorougly, but amateur hackers sometimes leave things behind. Don't expect them to leave any really big evidence behind; expect more of little things here and there you might find surprising. For example, if you're writing a term paper and a black hat hacker accidently saved it when he took a paragraph out- that's suspicious. Where did that paragraph go? Well, for one thing, now you know he was in that area. Check the folders surrounding the file- you might find something.

Tip 2: Decipher between the type of hackers that are attacking you. Experienced hackers will have a more in depth look around when they penetrate your system. They won't touch much because they know that that won't add too much to their knowledge. But if you know a hacker's been in, and some files are messed with, and you have a log of someone guessing passwords to a file or something of that sort, its probably some newbie who's just starting out. These are the easiest hackers to catch. They usually get so caught up in thoughts like "I'm in!" that they forget the basics, such as work behind a proxy.


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