Hacking It: How to download and burn movies to DVD.
How to download and burn movies to DVD.

Firstly download and install utorrent from and set up your dload folders and connection speed.

Next go to this is your one stop shop BitTorrent search engine where you can find all the latest Movies as well as software, audio ect.

Click on the torrent you wish to download, and then add to utorrent.
Try and stay away from movie files contained in a single rar as they are nearly always fake.

Next... what file/s have you dloaded?

More often than not you will have dloaded an AVI format file.
If not they may come in multiple rar files which need to be extracted with winrar. If for some reason you havnt already got winrar, dload and install it from .
Right click on the 1st rar file, click extract here. You should now have your movie file.

One other possibility is you may have dloaded an ISO file usually labelled as a BIN and will come with a CUE file. (Usually low quality movies) Now there are several ways to get this file to a burnable AVI.

You can dload and install ISObuster (not free so I recommend you use btjunkie to find a full version), open ISObuster load the BIN file and extract the contents.

Alternatively you can dload and install a free program called daemon tools from . Run the program there will now be a Daemon icon on your task bar, right click go to virtual cd/dvdrom set number of devices to 1, again right click on the icon go to virtual cd/dvdrom then mount your image.
Now go to My Computer you will see a new cdrom drive with your image loaded. You can now copy the contents of the drive to a destination of your choice.

Either way you should now have an AVI file ready to convert to DVD.

Just to clarify: AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave it covers not all..., but most of the types of media files you will come across. Most good quality DVD rips come in this format. Basically it is a general term for a file containing audio and video.

Your file may say Xvid or divX or Mpeg but they are still types of AVI files.
Most files will convert to DVD from the file you have dloaded, no need to convert a mpeg, Xvid or divX file to an AVI to be able to burn it as a DVD.

Any of these file types will go straight to a DVD conversion program.

Next download and install WinAvi available from (again this is not a full version, go to btjunkie for a full version), open WinAvi, click on DVD, load your chosen file then convert. Default settings should be fine.

Next Open Nero with Nero express shortcut, go to video/pictures, then hit DVD-Video files (may vary slightly depending on what version of Nero you have).

Now go to the video folder that WinAvi has made containing your .vob files and drag and drop all the files to Nero’s burn list.
Hit next, check your settings (default will work fine), Hit Burn.

You will hopefully now have a DVD that is playable in your standalone playe
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